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On the north end of Shell Island, nestled up against a sand dune a half-mile from the nearest structure, rest a couple of sections of beach house decking torn free from their original home by a hurricane years ago and a mailbox fastened to a post buried in the sand. The area is decorated with sea shells and driftwood; it’s obviously a special place.

Opening the mailbox one finds a small notebook and a few writing implements. Reading some of the writings left by visitors to the site reveal many profound outpourings of heart and soul; including messages to lost loved ones and especially to God. This is truly a special place.

It turned out that I know the person who built and maintains the place, so thank you Sidney for being the inspiration for this e-version of your site at the beach.

God’s Mailbox is where you can send the God of your understanding a prayer, a request, say thanks or just hello. It’s personal and private, just you and God.

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